SPECIAL ONLINE EVENT - WEBINAR - Barber's pole worm management this year including use of Barbervax

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Spring conditions are shaping up for a big Barber's pole worm season. Are you wondering how to best manage BPW in your flock? Confused (or don't know) about how Barbervax works? Understanding a little about the parasite is key to effective control of BPW. Join us for this special online event as we are joined by Dr David Smith, the man who developed the vaccine (joining us from Scotland), and Paraboss parasitologists Dr Brown Besier and Dr Matt Playford. This webinar will be a rare opportunity to hear from three world renowned BPW speakers in one webinar. Our host Dr Fiona Macarthur happens to also be very knowledgable on BPW management.
This is a special EXTRA online event at a special time to accommodate David who is in a different time zone.

Join us for this SPECIAL online event to find out how to control BPW in your flock this season.

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