Grazing Management Workshop - Richmond

Event details

The objective of this very popular workshop is to increase the health and productivity of grazing enterprises through changes in pasture and grazing management. Increased pasture growth allows for greater stocking rates without taking many risks. Participants learn simple, quick and effective ways to monitor pasture and how to use this information to improve their grazing business.
Topics covered during the program include:
-A description of the features of perennial grass growth
-Why grazing management is so crucial to soil health and pasture productivity
-How grazing effects plant roots the importance of plant roots to increasing soil health including structure, water infiltration, soil biology, carbon and nutrient cycling
-Introduce The Pasture Checklist - a simple and effective pasture monitoring tool
-How to estimate pasture herbage mass

Location Address

Local Land Services Demonstration Farm, Gate 6, Southee Rd, Richmond NSW