Macquarie Merino Lifetime Productivity Field Day - TRANGIE

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Wool, carcass and fertility traits will be all under the spotlight for commercial and stud woolgrowers at the Merino Lifetime Productivity Project field day in July.
The field day, to be held by NSW DPI and the Macquarie Sire Evaluation Association on July 11 at the Trangie Agricultural Research Centre, will showcase the latest visual and objective assessment data of the 2017 drop ewe progeny in the Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) project.
MLP is a partnership between Australian Wool Innovation and the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA).
440 February shorn, 14-month-old 2017-drop ewes will be displayed in their sire groups with pen cards carrying raw data on weaning and yearling liveweight, greasy and clean fleece weight, micron, staple length and strength, fat and eye muscle depth.
Flock breeding values and the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association Index will also be provided.
From the single drop there are 15 industry sires that will have progeny on display, including five link sires to allow results to be reported across the MLP sites, with a further link to sire evaluation.
The participating Merino studs in the Macquarie MLP site are Centre Plus, Collinsville, Darriwell, GRASS, Gullen Gamble, Hazeldean, Kerin Poll, Moojepin, Mumblebone, Roseville Park, Trigger Vale Poll, Wanganella, West Plains Poll, Wilgunya and Willandra.

This is a free event - however you will need to register for catering purposes.

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7878 Mitchell Hwy, Trangie NSW 2823, Australia

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