Pasture Restoration paddock walk and talk with Graeme Hand - JINGELLIC

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Join Graeme Hand and Tim Davis for a paddock walk to discuss ways to put in place monitoring and corrective actions to regenerate your pastures and land.

Learn to identify the key areas to measure to run a profitable and sustainable farm business in a changing climate and when in drought.

Tim Davis is a local farmer, Holbrook Landcare member and holistic management practitioner.
Graeme Hand is a leading holistic land management and training consultant who uses and shares science- and field-proven, environmentally beneficial agricultural practices to regenerate and sustain profit-able farms, their families and communities both in Australia and overseas. He's cur-rently working on baseline soil carbon and grassland regeneration in Mongolia.

Regenerate perennial grasses and pastures
* what to look for
* what to measure
* what to monitor
* what to do next
* what to expect

Sharing science- & field-proven information on alternative and adaptive farming systems to adjust to the variable climate and be better prepared to manage drought.

Lunch provided. All welcome! A drought initiative supported by Murray Local Land Services.

Location Address

‘Glenside’ 400 Horse Creek Rd, Jingellic NSW 2644, Australia