Local Land Services Trapping and collaring wild dogs community workshop - WHITE CLIFFS

Event details

Landholders are encouraged to to attend a community workshop where Western LLS will outline its Professional Wild Dog Controller (PWDC) Program and the ‘Western Tracks’ collaring project.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for landholders to meet with the trappers involved in the PWDC Program as well as be informed of the next steps in the collaring project.

To help provide some strategic direction, landholders are asked to assist in mapping out ‘hot spots’ of wild dog activity in their area.

There will also be an update from the NSW Wild Dog Fence Extension project manager, Dan Owens, and an opportunity to chat with local Biosecurity Officers about other pest animal issues.

The community workshops will also outline what is expected in the pest animal space from private and public landholders, and the community, in regards to General Biosecurity Duty under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015.

Location Address

White Cliffs Sporting Club, White Cliffs NSW 2836, Australia