LLS Pasture recovery workshop - CAMDEN

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There are often a number of issues that affect pasture production, persistence and sustainability. These can include compaction, inappropriate species, drought, fire, etc. Knowing what to do when you have a problem is an important step to helping pasture recover.

This four hour workshop will provide practical, expert advice and information on
* Assessing your pasture condition and identifying the main pasture types you have
* Options for pasture management including resowing, rejuvenation, resting and maintenance
* Improving bare soil and/or low groundcover
* Find the appropriate species for different soil types
* Management options following drought, fire, compaction etc.

In order to minimise unnecessary handling due to COVID 19, lunch and hot beverages will NOT be provided on the day.

The safety of attendees and staff at the workshop is paramount. This event will strictly comply with COVID 19 rules as directed by NSW Health.

Please note: This event is being planned according to the current COVID conditions in NSW and therefore could be subject to change.

Location Address

Camden NSW 2570, Australia