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Regenerative agriculture is about improving your land through farming it.

In grazing enterprises, the focus is on building soils and improving pastures through managing the way your grass is grazed.

In the 1990s Dr Judi Earl was one of the first researchers to document this happening on Australian farms, and for the past 20 years she has been teaching people how to do it.

In this FREE course Judi shows you how you can be “regenerative”:

Understanding plant growth and root systems
-The role of soil biology in nutrient cycling
-The effects of grazing management on soil health and pasture condition
-How to maximise pasture growth rates through grazing management

Places are strictly limited. THIS EVENT IS COVID-19 SAFE.

Numbers are limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. All confirmed registrations will be required to complete a pre-event checklist and comply with COVID-19 requirements

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Tocal Rd, Tocal NSW 2421, Australia

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