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Wean to manage, don’t manage to wean. Weaning is important for the ewe and the lamb to manage ewe condition and lamb growth rates for a lifetime of productivity.
Join Nathan Scott as he outlines why timely weaning is important, practical management tips and what you can do in #AWIChangeMakers Episode 2: Weaning to manage.
Wean to manage, don’t manage to wean! Weaning is one of the most critical times in the sheep reproduction calendar – for both the ewe and the lamb.
Your joining length, feed quality, ewe condition, time of weaning, target weaning weight and average daily weight gain all plays a role in the success of weaning in your flock. Getting pre- and post-weaning right will result in more productive weaners who grow more wool and raise more lambs, and ewes that recover well for their next joining.
In 2015, industry research showed that weaner illthrift was the 4th largest cost to the industry in terms of production losses, but that prevention would cost less than one fifth of that. There are differences in weaner survival across production zones and breed of sheep, but examples of illthrift in weaners have been documented Australia-wide, and there remains many opportunities on-farm to raise more productive weaners.
Winning With Weaners workshops are held throughout NSW to assist producers in hitting key management targets for weaner management. Contact us to enquire as to the next workshop date and location in your area.

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