Sheep Connect NSW - adapting to change

Sheep Connect NSW is adapting to the current changing environment in order to keep delivering information for you and your business.
We like to pride ourselves in being agile and adaptive in the way we deliver our information to our network members, and the current situation is no exception. With much uncertainty in our environment, we are now looking to delivery models that whilst won't take the place of our traditional methods such as face to face workshops and other face to face events, will allow for you to receive information that will benefit your business via our online platforms.
We are currently delivering a series of weekly webinars, held on Thursdays at 1pm which will be providing technical and production related information that will help you keep your business moving forward, especially as many recover from the disasters that have gripped the state in recent years, months and weeks.
In addition to our webinars, we will be delivering information via our NEW podcast - another way of keeping you up to date with this information.
With the support of AWI and our delivery partners, we're adapting some of our key workshop content to deliver online via these webinars - so that you can get the key messages that will help you manage your business and its recovery. Our face to face workshops are our flagship - and we cannot wait until such times as we can gather to recommence these, however in the meantime, we're very keen for you to stay in touch with us, and receive best practice management information.
We're also keen for you to reach out to us with any suggestions that you may have - whether it be suggestions fr topics that you would like us to present via our webinars, or podcast ideas.
Whilst we may be more isolated than usual with restrictions, we're committed to remaining connected as best we can.

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