Featured Events

  • WEBINAR- Picking the right rams this season

    Confused about ASBV's: what they are, how to buy rams and select rams for flock improvement to meet market demands? Join Luke Stevens as we explore this topic further.

  • WEBINAR- Top tips for winter lambing

    Concerned about lambing during winter? Join Jim Meckiff as we explore the challenges faced by lambing in winter and consider options for the provision of shelter.

  • WEBINAR- Preparing your clip in 2020

    Fiona Raleigh from AWEX will explore common mistakes in the shearing shed and how they can subsequently effect the wool supply chain. We will also have a look at how the drought may effect this years wool clip and its preparation.

  • WEBINAR- New England MLP Online Field Day Project Results

    The New England Merino Sire Evaluation Association and CSIRO look forward to hosting this webinar as part of their online field day for industry showcasing the MLP ewes and their results.